Book Review – ENT & Audiology News Review of The Frontal Sinus: Surgical Approaches and Controversies

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The Frontal Sinus: Surgical Approaches and Controversies is an exceptional resource for surgeons seeking to advance their knowledge in the field of sinus surgery. The book provides a detailed and insightful exploration of the various techniques, challenges, and potential complications associated with frontal sinus surgery.

The editors, Prof Christos Georgalas and Prof Anshul Sama, both leading experts in the field, have meticulously crafted this book to provide a clear and concise understanding of the complex anatomy and intricate surgical procedures related to the frontal sinus.

The book brings together contributions from some of the most respected names in the field, ensuring that readers have access to the latest and most accurate information on frontal sinus surgery. The extensive use of high-quality illustrations, photographs, and radiographic images supplements the text, providing a clearer understanding of the anatomical structures and surgical techniques being discussed. The inclusion of real-life case studies adds practical relevance to the content, highlighting potential challenges and complications and how to manage them effectively.

Incorporating modern features, the book includes QR codes that link to surgical videos, allowing readers to witness the described procedures in action. The book is organised into several sections, beginning with an overview of the frontal sinus’s anatomy and physiology, followed by chapters on diagnostic evaluation, surgical planning, and various surgical techniques. The authors delve into the nuances of both endoscopic and open approaches to frontal sinus surgery, addressing the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Additionally, they discuss advanced techniques such as frontal sinus drill-outs and frontal sinus obliteration.

The book’s emphasis on controversies in frontal sinus surgery is one of its strengths. The authors provide a balanced analysis of the different approaches, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. They also explore the evidence supporting different surgical techniques, highlighting areas of agreement and disagreement among experts in the field.

In conclusion, The Frontal Sinus: Surgical Approaches and Controversies is an indispensable resource for anyone involved in the care of patients with frontal sinus disease. The book’s thorough coverage of the subject matter, combined with the authors’ expertise and engaging writing style, as well as the innovative inclusion of QR codes linking to surgical videos, makes it a must-read for surgeons and other medical professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in this complex and challenging field.”

– Ashok Rokade, ENT & Audiology News, published 2023

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