Best Books for Neurosurgery

Best Books for Neurosurgery

We’ve compiled a list of our top books for neurosurgery! Check them out below:

Top Books for Neurosurgeons - Greenberg's Handbook of Neurosurgery book cover

Now in its 10th edition, the book that is often referred to as the “bible for neurosurgeons” has grown organically over the years to include more topics of importance to those who provide healthcare to patients with neurologic ailments, and to reflect advances in the understanding and management of the underlying conditions and diseases.

Video Atlas of Acute Ischemic Stroke Intervention
Maxim Mokin, Elad I. Levy & Adnan H. Siddiqui

This book fills a void in education and knowledge with interactive, case-based guidance on mastering challenging stroke interventions. The atlas leverages current knowledge and decades of experience in acute stroke treatment and device innovations to familiarize clinicians at various career stages with a wide repertoire of techniques available in the neurointerventional suite.

Best books for neurosurgery - Surgery of the Brainstem book cover image

Surgery of the Brainstem
Robert F. Spetzler, M. Yashar S. Kalani & Michael T. Lawton

Understanding the basic anatomy, pathology, and clinical complexities of the brainstem and thalamic regions is essential for safe navigation and treatment. This remarkable book will provide neurosurgeons with additional insights on performing resections and achieving the best possible outcomes for patients with pathologic conditions in this delicate region.

Neurosurgical Diseases: An Evidence-Based Approach to Guide Practice
Leon T. Lai & Cristian Gragnaniello

The book combines a structured approach to evidence-based neurosurgery with expert opinions, analysis of up-to-date clinical data, understanding of patient preferences and values, and firsthand experiences to facilitate translation of evidence into clinical practice.

Best books for neurosurgery - Neurosurgical Diseases book cover image

Best books for neurosurgery - Thieme - Vascular Challenges in Skull Base Surgery book cover image

Vascular Challenges in Skull Base Surgery
Paul A. Gardner, Carl H. Snyderman & Brian T. Jankowitz

The full range of surgical approaches to the anterior, middle, and posterior cranial fossae are covered in 22 chapters. Diverse topics encompass open and endoscopic endonasal surgical approaches, endovascular techniques including balloon test occlusion and embolization, and standard and alternative bypass procedures.

Decision Making in Neurovascular Disease
Leonardo Rangel-Castilla, Peter Nakaji, Adnan H. Siddiqui, Robert F. Spetzler & Elad I. Levy

This book focuses on the challenging process of determining the best approach for managing patients with intracranial atherosclerosis, carotid artery disease, stroke, aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, arteriovenous fistulae, cavernous malformations, and hypervascular tumors.

Best books for neurosurgery - Thieme - Decision Making in Neurovascular Disease book cover image

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